Versatile, Easy to Use, Access to Huge Online Libraries. DomuS3D gives distributors, retailers, and designers the ability to create and present realistic custom interior designs within minutes, exciting their clients and satisfying their every design need.

Custom Layout Design


Easily draw the floorplan you need from scratch or import existing floor plans from external files. You can create single room or multi-room floorplans and navigate them in 2D or 3D.

Integrated Product Catalogs

Our catalog department works daily to organize and update product catalogs from major manufacturers all over the world. Our entire catalog comes standard with all DomuS3D subscriptions and can be downloaded from the cloud and inserted straight into your project. Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Import your own tiles or 3D items from external files.

Drag & Drop Tiling


With over 300 laying patterns included with installation, you can tile rooms with the exact design you need by simply dragging and dropping tiles from the sidebar selected from our Digital Tile Library.

Rendering and Virtual Reality


DomuS3D integrates the world’s leading rendering engine, V-Ray®, to allow you to see your final design exactly as it will appear in real life. Plus, with new VR technology, we are able to offer immersive solutions that let you see designs in ways never before possible.

Built-in Sales Tools

Our project summary tools make communication with customers and contractors simple. Customizable blueprints, installation guides, estimates, and project summary documents are automatically generated for each project.

Online Guide


Our online reference center provides tips & tricks, how-to articles, and video tutorials to answer any doubts you have with the program. In addition, we offer online training courses and tech support.

Integrated Apps

Render Manager

Render Manager is an add-on application that comes standard with all DomuS3D subscriptions. This easy to use tool manages and processes your renderings without interrupting your design work on DomuS3D. You can run it in the background or set it to process your renderings overnight.

Augmented Reality

DomuS3D uses the AR technology of RealityRemod to create real-time design alternatives for your rooms. Simply take a photo of a room, load it into DomuS3D, and swap out the floor and walls in real-time.


DomuS3D 360

DomuS3D 360 is the online home for all your design creations. Easily share projects, images, and catalogs with your customers or browse those already available for inspiration. DomuS3D 360 is available for free online, on the App Store, or on Google Play

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